For those who do!

HOLA is a tool for your document management needs. We believe document management should be simple, easy & fast. Core document management features should be a pleasure to use and available out of the box. HOLA is here to get the job done and to get out of the way ... so you can focus on what matters!

Upload your documents

To upload a document, simply go to the folder where you want to upload the document, click Upload button and select one or more documents. That's it.

You can also drag and drop documents to your HOLA folder directly from your Desktop.

To upload new version of document, just select document for which you want to upload new version and click Upload new version button.

During the document upload, HOLA works hard behind the scenes, to provide proper document icon, set document meta-data, create porper document version number, assigns default or inherited security, adjusts document for document viewer, and if the document has textual content, it indexes the content, so it can be searched by its search engine.

Learn more about Security & Search.

Any structure you want

HOLA allows you to organize your documents in any structure you want. With Organization workspaces, Cabinets and Folders, you can design structure that makes sense to you and one that meets your access, security, collaboration and business objectives.

In HOLA, nothing is set in stone. If your current folder structure doesn't fit your needs anymore, you can reorganize everything as you wish. You can copy and move content around to adjust your folder structure to new set of requirements.

There are no limits to how deep or shallow your folder structure should be. You can jam everything to one folder, or have folder structure with 20 layers of subfolder depth. HOLA is flexible and will support any structure that fits your needs.

View documents

Double-click on document to view it in HOLA viewer. HOLA viewer supports 18 commonly used file formats out of the box.

HOLA viewer contains controls that enable you to navigate between pages of the document, zoom in/out or change the document proportions.

Buttons above the document enable you to perform all document actions right from the document viewer.

It is also possible to add support for additional 70 file formats mostly in media (audio, video) and technical drawing (CAD 2D & 3D drawings) domain.

Document viewer

HOLA viewer supports following file formats:

.doc .docx .xls .xlsx .ppt .pptx
.vsd .vsdx .pdf .txt .swf .bmp
.jpg .jpeg .tif .tiff .png .gif

Document properties

Each document has set of properties which provides more detailed information about document. They also provide some additional features.

This contains document meta-data with the ability to modify some of them.
Here you can see which users, groups & roles have what kind of security privileges over the document. You can also modify security privileges here. Learn more about Security.
Provides information about all actions that happened with selected document. You can also see when these actions were done and by which user, group & role.
Here you can find all document versions with document meta-data for each version. You can Open, Download, Promote, Delete and Share any available document version. Learn more about revision management in Collaboration.
You can see index card assigned to the document together with values of pre-defined index card properties. If you have security privileges, you can also assign or change the assignment of index card and modify values of index card properties.
Here you can read any disucssion between HOLA users related to selected document. You can also contribute and add new input into the discussion.
In References, you can see what documents are referenced in selected document and in which documents are referenced by selected document. With proper security privileges you can add and remove reference documents.

Folders have only 4 options in properties: Properties, Security, Access Log & Index Card. These properties have very similar meaning and features as those described in documents. The difference is that they are related to the folder.

Share & collaborate

HOLA provides tools for secure and easy sharing and collaboration between HOLA users as well as non-HOLA users. Please read Collaborate for more details on how to share documents and folders, how revision control works, how document locking works and what the Access Log is for.

Download documents

If you need to download document from HOLA, select the document and click Download button.

You can also download multiple documents in one go. Just select multiple documents and click Download. This will download all selected documents as .zip package.

You can also download documents in PDF format. HOLA automatically handles document conversion in the background, so if needed, you can download your Word document as PDF.

It is also possible to download specific document version. You can go to Collaboration to learn more about how Revision management works in HOLA.

Index Card

Assigning index card to your document (or folder), provides you with additional list of custom-defined meta-data.

For example you could create Sales Contract index card with meta-data fields for contracting parties, contract sign date, and contract value.

Once the index card is assigned and index card properties are filled, you can use this meta-data to perform very powerful search queries. For example you can query for all contracts that were signed between January and March and were signed with specific company.

Folders can restrict which index cards can be assigned for documents that are inside such folder. Also documents inside folders with assigned index cards automatically inherit index card of the folder.


HOLA system enables you to create and assign tags to your documents. Tags can help you to quickly identify tagged documents in the folder.

You can also use tags to quickly find your documents. You can search documents by specific tags. When you perform general search and search result includes documents with tags, you can filter those documents out using tags.

HOLA also has a Tag feature module in which you can browse only tagged documents. These documents are organized into hierarchy based on tags instead of folders. This enables you to have multiple views of your document set. One based on folder structure and one based on tag structure.

Home page

Home page is a first screen you see when you login into the HOLA system. It enables you to quickly access documents that are highlighted by the system like "Top downloads" or "Updated documents", and documents that are important to you, like your "Favorites" or specific folders from HOLA system you decided to have on Home page.

Your Home page is highly customizable and each user can have different Home page setup. It is possible to add or remove any widgets from the Home page. It is also possible to reorder and reorganize all existing Home page widgets by simple drag and drop.


Most of the people work regularly (on daily basis) only with very few documents or folders. In case these folders or documents are spread out in different places of organizational folder structure, it can be quite a lot of work to move between these places in order to upload or modify documents on daily basis.

To ease this pain, HOLA provides Favorites. Favorites is a location to which you can add folders and documents that you work with frequently. These documents and folders can be added from anywhere in the workspace.

Once your frequently used documents are added, all you need to do is go to Favorites to have a quick access to all documents you need for your work within single location.