Seek and you shall find ... fast!

Speed matters in efficiently run organizations. It is of utmost importance that you and your users are able to locate and find needed folders & documents in no time. HOLA gives you to your disposal powerful search engine, which provides full-text, meta-data and index card search capabilities. Oh, and did we mention it is fast?

Simple & easy

Searching in HOLA is super simple. Go to searchbox, write what you are looking for and hit Enter. That's it. You can decide if you want to see search results as snapshots (similar to Google search results) or as standard HOLA list of documents & folders.

Full-text document search

Search engine doesn't just search document name or meta-data. It also searches the textual content of the document. HOLA supports search indexing and full-text search of over 20 file types, including all commonly file types used in businesses.

When you upload new document into the HOLA, the system automatically starts to index textual content of uploaded document in the background. This process later enables you to search and find your document based on the content of the document.

Search filters

Sometimes when you use generic terms for searching in HOLA system you will get way too many results that match your search query.

HOLA provides search filers that can help you to narrow down your search results and quickly find the document you are looking for in your search results.

Search filters are automatically generated by HOLA system based on search results. Filters allow you to narrow down search results based on content author, content type, content tags and content creation date.

Meta-data search

HOLA also enables you to search based on meta-data (data about documents & folders).

You can search based on title, description, author, person who last modified document, revision notes and document number.

You can also search based on date period when document was created or modified. If you want to, you can specify that you only want to search for documents (so the search engine doesn't include folder or other elements in the search results).

Search security

Process of searching documents & folders fully respects HOLA security model. For example, if a user doesn't have access to sales contracts in HOLA system, and such user searches terms that are matching terms in sales contracts, the sales contracts will not be visible to user in the search results, as the user doesn't have proper security privileges.

Learn more about Security in HOLA.

Index Card search

Index Card is a feature that enables you to assign additional meta-data (outside of standard meta-data) to your documents & folders. System administrator can specify what additional meta-data should be assigned and what their format should be. Learn more about Index Card.

If you assigned Index Cards to your documents & folders and filled-up the meta-data information, HOLA enables you to search based on this meta-data.

For example, you can search all sales contract (documents with Sales Contract index card), that were signed from April to July.

Scope, Properties & Actions

Search scope can be limited by selecting specific folder in left folder navigation panel. This limits search to the content of selected folder (documents & subfolders).

Document or folder properties are available to you directly in search results. So for example, you can directly change secruity settings of document in search results.

All document or folder related actions are also directly available to you directly in search results. So for example, you can select several documents in search results and download them as .zip package.

Search properties