HOLA Cloud Drive

HOLA Cloud Drive is a desktop application that enables you to connect to your HOLA system so you can work on your HOLA documents directly from your computer. It also provides several advanced features such as document editing and resumable upload & download.

Work with documents locally

With Cloud Drive you can open and edit your documents stored in HOLA system. You can upload new folders and documents or create new folders. Folders and documents can be downloaded, shared and deleted.

All these features are presented in neat, simple and streamlined user interface.

HOLA standard security model is applied to your access, so you will only be able to see documents and folders you have access for. Same applies to actions. You will be only able to perform actions based on your HOLA security setup.

Learn more about HOLA's security features.

Edit documents

Editing with Cloud Drive is very simple. Clicking on a document automatically downloads the document to your computer and opens it in default native software that supports opened file type.

For example, if you click on .docx file, Cloud Drive will download and open this file with MS Word.

If you try to open file for which you don't have native application installed on your computer, the system will ask you which program should be used to open the file.

Once you start editing document, every single time you save your changes, Cloud Drive will upload the new version of the document into HOLA system.

Resumable upload & download

With Cloud Drive you can upload & download files of any size. In certain situations, when uploading or downloading large files, you might loose network connection or you might need to close your laptop and run to attend some urgent meeting.

In these scenarios, Cloud Drive has you covered, as it has built-in capability to automatically resume upload & download of your documents.

If you loose network connection during upload or download, Cloud Drive will automatically resume your upload or download once the network connection has been re-established, from where it got interrupted.

Same applies if you close Cloud Drive application or even if you shut down your computer. Upload and download will automatically resume from where it left of when you turn on your computer and start Cloud Drive application.

Image viewer

When you open image in Cloud Drive, the image viewer is launched. Image viewer automatically resizes the image so it fits within the Cloud Drive application. If there are more images in the folder, you can navigate between them using next and previous arrow buttons.

From within the image viewer you can download opened image and share it using share link and QR code.

Image viewer supports following file formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif (including animated gifs), .bmp, .ico, .webp

HOLA Cloud Drive Image Viewer


HOLA Cloud Drive enables you to quickly search and find documents you want to work with.

You can search inside whole workspace, search inside specific cabinet or search inside specific folder. HOLA Cloud Drive will automatically reduce search scope based on location from where you are searching.

Search results provide information about the search scope, number of items found and each item is presented in a card format. Search result card can be expanded to provide additional information about each item like document size, location or when the document was last modified.

Again, HOLA security model applies to search results, so documents, folders and cabinets for which you don't have access will not show up in search results.

Upload folder

Sometimes you have a need to upload entire folder into HOLA, including all subfolders and all their content.

Cloud Drive enables you to do this. All you need to do is to click 'Add files & folders' button, select 'Upload folder' option and choose folder on your computer which you want to upload.

Cloud Drive first creates the entire folder structure of selected folder and them uploads all documents to corresponding folders.

Supported operating systems

Cloud Drive is a web-based application that is built to run natively on your computer. Below is a list of supported operating systems, for which we provide installation packages:

Windows logo

Windows operating system 1

Apple logo

MacOS operating system 2

Ubuntu logo

Ubuntu operating system 3


1. Cloud Drive for Windows was built and tested on Windows 10. It should work correctly on older versions of Windows as well, but we recommend to upgrade to the latest version of Windows.
2. Cloud Drive for MacOS was built and tested on MacOS High Sierra. It should work correctly on older versions of MacOS as well, but we recommend to upgrade to the latest version of MacOS.
3. Cloud Drive for Debian based Linux distributions was built and tested on Ubuntu 18.04. It should work correctly on older versions of Ubuntu system, as well as other Debian based Linux distributions, but we recommend to upgrade to the latest version of your Linux distribution.